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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Visits Hamiltonians

KFST CEO Nik Coupe attended a meeting where Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke to Hamiltonians working in the social services sector at the Hamilton Gardens today. About 150 people were in attendance. Jacinda Ardern spoke about Labour's 5 point plan and then spent about 30 minutes meeting and greeting people before she left for Chartwell Square.

#KFST would like to encourage ALL whānau who are eligble to vote in the General Election to ensure they are enrolled to vote and then to vote before 7pm, Saturday 17th Oct, 2020.

Your vote is your choice. Your vote is your voice. VOTE!

Enrol. Vote. Be heard.

#Vote2020 #GeneralElection2020 #HaveYourSay

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