The Courage Club-Child Disability and Sexual Safety Resource

October 25, 2023
The Courage Club-Child Disability and Sexual Safety Resource

A podcast for brave chats about our kids, disability and sexual safety.

Hosted by mother, activist and author Emily Writes, and featuring parents of children living with disability, the podcast navigates the tough stuff, with all the feels – tears and laughter and through sharing candid experiences. The Courage Club was created for you, to give you the courage to have those tough conversations.The Courage Club is intended to empower other parents to begin these brave chats, teaching our children about their body and their needs, navigating carers and visitors in and out of the home, and building the foundations for their positive sexual wellbeing and identity which all contributes to keeping our Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent children safe when it comes to preventing child sexual abuse.

The Courage Club podcast and supporting resources are available now at and on leading podcast platforms including Spotify, Youtube and Apple Podcasts.