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Māori Language Moment: we were part of the Million!

The Maori Language Commission redesigned Māori Language Week so that this year, whether we were in lockdown or not: New Zealanders could come together to celebrate te reo Māori. We signed up to take part with a million other people using te reo Māori at 12noon on Monday 14th September.

Don't be whakamā to use whatever te reo you have. Whether a simple 'kia ora' to greet or thank someone, or saying your 'pepeha' to introduce yourself in Māori, it's all good!

“Te reo Māori is the language of New Zealand. But it still needs New Zealanders to keep it safe.”

Another change will see the Māori Language Week website become the Reo Māori website. Reo Māori will exist to support people throughout the year, not just during Māori Language Week. Whether you’re a teacher or a small business owner, an individual or a group of friends: will be there to support you 365 days of the year; not just 7,” said Professor Higgins.

Below is a video of our Monday team performing a few kapa haka waiata for our Māori Language Moment.

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