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Keeping your home warm and healthy

Did you know the average New Zealand household can produce over 8 litres of moisture a day? That's a lot of water! And did you know the recommended heat within a house is 18 degrees?

Here's some other things you need to know to ensure your house is warm and healthy, especially for your children during winter.

Energywise have identified three essentials that work together to create a healthy, energy efficient home – keeping your home warm, ensuring your home is dry and airing it out regularly.

Check out the Energywise essentials to ensure you cover off all three for a warm, dry, healthy home this winter. Click here to go to Energywise.

Have you heard of the Whare Ora Programme? It's a FREE initiative that supports whānau to create healthier homes that are warmer, drier, and safe. Whānau must meet all of the base criteria and at least one of the groups to be eligible. Click this link to check out if you are eligible for the Whare Ora programme.

And here's a link to a very helpful list of handy hints and tips to ensure you keep warm and healthy this winter. Visit Ministry of Social Development.

And last, but not least, please go here to check out more of these short video clips for key tips to keep your home warm and dry and everyone happy and healthy.

Want to donate to Salvation Army's Winter Appeal? Click Here

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