Kirikiriroa Family Services Trust

Strategic Plan

2018 – 2023

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Kirikiriroa Family Services Trust (KFST) - has been in operation since 1999. 

The service was established by the Kirikiriroa Family Services Trust who continues

to govern as KFST.  The Trust was a result of the tripac partnership formed between Maatua Whangai o Kirikiriroa, Specialist Education Services and Te Kohao Health to provide the Family Start programme in Hamilton City.

The Trust membership has now changed to the following representatives:

Denise Kingi (Te Kohao Health), Mere Balzer (Te Runanga of Kirikiriroa),

and Tame Pokaia (WINTEC) along with Toni Welch.


The partnership was formed because of the shared belief that 

Kirikiriroa Family Services Trust was a means to:

Empower and strengthen individuals, and through individuals their families and whanau and communities. Provide a programme that endorses the kaupapa of Tino Rangatiratanga. Provide intervention to those in need at the earliest possible moment

through strength-based activities.


Hence the recording of KFST’s primary kaupapa–philosophy/value base as being:

Ka hiki te tapu o te tangata

Ka hiki te tapu o te katoa

When one is enhanced

All are enhanced


Vision: Kainga Ora: Well Families

Mission: Whanau Whakatupu Oranga: Growing Well Families

Bold Goal: Retaking the leadership role of Kainga Ora: Well Families


Working Together – Mahi Tahi

We work collaboratively. We form partnerships, openly communicate, share expertise and try new things

  1. KFST has an engaged workforce.

  2. KFST teams are working collaboratively to meet KPI’s in a timely and accurate manner.

  3. KFST is working collaboratively with other organisations to achieve better whanau outcomes.

  4. KFST Governance is actively engaged with management within scope of their role.


Challenge & Innovation - Whakaaro Whānui

We are leaders, so we challenge ourselves and others to look for ways to do things.

  1. KFST is a recognised leader in kainga ora: well whanau nationally, regionally & locally.

  2. KFST kaimahi challenge ourselves to integrate the KFST values into practice.

  3. KFST kaimahi challenge ourselves to perform effectively, efficiently and with integrity.

  4. KFST practice is informed by best available evidential data.

  5. KFST will look for new innovative models of care to attract further business opportunities


Customer Focus - Manaaki Tangata

Our customers are the people we interact with everyday including our whānau, our employers and our colleagues.  We are driven by the needs of our whānau and we act with purpose, creativity and energy to exceed their expectations.

  1. All KFST whanau are seen in a timely manner

  2. All KFST whanau have their co-assessments completed

  3. All KFST whanau have their planned outcomes met


Taking Ownership - Kia tika

We are all responsible for the overall success of Kirikiriroa Family Service Trust and are accountable for the actions we take and our results. We make quality decisions based on sound information and we learn from our mistakes in a 'no blame' culture.

  1. Evidence based practice service models are implemented

  2. Excellent service audit results

  3. Services are exceeding KPI


Improvement and Opportunity - Kia Tupu, Kia Hua

We are committed to setting high standards and continually improving what we do. We are passionate about extending opportunities to whānau, employers and the wider community.

  1. A regional community of practice is implemented ensuring continuous quality improvements

  2. Innovative evidence based programme/s are delivered

  3. KFST will become more efficient and effective while looking to diversify

  4. KFST understands our population, trends and issues to inform an organisation response

Valuing People - Whakamana i Te Tangata

We treat everyone with courtesy and respect and value the different perspectives they bring to our team. We involve and listen to others, and recognise them for their contribution; always acting with integrity

  1. Client pathway mapping is completed with children, whanau and our service teams

  2. Engaged work force - workforce development plan is implemented

  3. The organisation has an internal culture of respect for each other, celebrates diversity and practices open and honest communication