Te Waka Tamariki

What we do

Life can be complicated and sometimes things don't always go well for our tamariki and whānau. Sometimes we need help from someone to get things back on track.

Te Waka Tamariki can help by bringing people together to listen to your tamariki, you and your whānau to help you make a plan to make things better.

How It Works

A referral can be made to Te Waka Tamariki after which you will be contacted to identify what supports you need. A whānau coodinator  / support worker will work with you to collect all the important information about your tamariki and your whānau from other agencies and services.

The people from these agencies and services, with your agreement, are then invited to become part of your team that will work alongside you to plan to meet the needs of your tamariki.

Who Are Te Waka Tamariki

This is a community-led approach. Anyone who works with tamariki and their whānau can take part. They may be nurses, teachers, youth workers, counsellors, social workers, and anyone else who works with tamariki.

You will already know some of them.

This is a different way of working and we're here to help.

What You Can Expect From Us

It's your choice

If you choose to work with us, we will:

  • treat you with respect
  • focus on your tamariki
  • get the right people working together
  • make a simple plan to support your tamariki
  • support you to get the changes you want to see as a parent and whānau

What You Can Do

You are part of making a difference for your tamariki:

  • we need you to be actively involved
  • we need you to agree to share relevant information
  • we need you to be open to doing things with us