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Hamilton Children's Team Office Moves In With KFST

Hamilton Children's Team (HCT) staff were officially welcomed to KFST with a powhiri on Monday 30th September. HCT staff will now work from 27 Rifle Range Road with KFST staff. HCT staff currently consists of Tanya Parsonson (HCT Business Support Manager), Mikayla Swetman (HCT Administrator) and Jayden Abraham (HCT Coordinator). They each bring many skills and much knowledge to this important and busy team.

The Children’s Team approach is a way of working hand in hand with families and whānau to create safer lives for at-risk children. It's not another service, but it’s a different approach. We work together with other agencies, non-government organisations and communities to put the child first and ensure their voices are heard. Together we share information and create one plan for each child.

Professionals can make referrals to the Children's Team by visiting here.

L-R: TeWaiata, Dakota, Manui, Tanya, Ngahina, Mikayla, Dianne, Nicole

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