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Feeling anxious and stressed about COVID-19 is normal

There are currently COVID-19 outbreaks both overseas and here in Aotearoa-New Zealand. You can find everything you need to know about COVID-19 in one place, learn the simple steps you can take to unite against the virus and slow its spread here: Unite against COVID-19 have provided a good page of information to help you cope with any feelings of stress, being overwhelmed, or maintaining a positive mind-set and sense of hope amidst so much uncertainty and turmoil right now. We recommend you take a few minutes to visit this page to find what will work for you in helping you 'breathe' through this unique experience.

You can get through this, we all can - together - by taking some small steps each day.

Tama Tū, Tama Ora. Tama Noho, Tama Mate.

You can do a lot of things to help you, and your whānau, start feeling better.

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